What’s with the Salsa Dance?

The salsa dance is a very popular dance, and you will find more and more Charlotte residents taking salsa lessons to keep up with this hot trend. The Salsa, or La Salsa is a vibrant and passionate dance due to the intimate and sexy footwork movements. It is one of types of Latin dance that is powered by afro-European music. The concept of salsa dancing comes from combining various elements from other dancing and making them one.

Reasons why people love to learn the Salsa dance

  • Salsa dance is a great and fun workout that can be a substitute for working in a gym. Obtaining salsa lessons allows the person to exercise their cardiovascular, torso and legs.
  • Salsa dancing is a great way to lose weight
  • Salsa dancing helps to improve the person’s self-esteem or confidence since it is a vibrant type of dance allowing the person to learn the right positions and looks when dancing.
  • Reflexes also improved by doing salsa dance since it requires timing for footwork and dancing when being performed.
  • Since salsa dancing is a combination of various dance movements, it is also possible that you can learn other dances such as Rumba and Mambo.
  • Learning salsa dance also improves your relationship with the opposite sex since it helps increase your confidence and self-esteem. Movement improves how you interact with your partner. Also, there’s the proverb… “a good dancer is a good lover.”
  • Having salsa classes improves your social life since performing the dance cannot be done alone. Therefore, you get along with other people interested with the type of dance and share your thoughts with each other.
  • Salsa dance is a type of dance that is simple but fun. You are having a great time, while also getting to know the other people in the class.

Those are some of the reason why people love to learn salsa dance. If you are interested and wanted to sign up for salsa lessons, you can visit or contact the caring and friendly dance instructors at J’Adore Ballroom in Charlotte to schedule your dance lesson class.



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