Latin Dance Classes and Dance Lessons Only at J’Adore Ballroom

If you’re from Charlotte and want to have fun by learning some of the popular Latin dances, then understanding a little more about Latin dances is a great place to start. There are many interesting facts about Latin dances that you may find intriguing.


Merengue came from the Dominican Republic dance type and has been considered the national dance of the country. Merengue was created in 1920s by a musician named Nico Lora. The main purpose this dance is to allow the person to learn the proper lead and hand position when dancing. Merengue is a very basic Latin dance and is fun for all to experience. J’Adore Ballroom, in Charlotte offers Latin dances every month.


Bachata is also a dance originating from the Dominican Republic. The theme to the Bachata is forlorn emotion, heartbreak and romance. Although it is more of an intimate dance, Bachata allows the person to learn the proper body language of Latin dances.



Cha Cha

The term Cha Cha was also known by many as Cha-Cha-Cha. It is a Cuban music/dance has a lot of specific moves. The Cha Cha can be used in clubs with many of the songs played there. Therefore, going for a dance classes to J’Adore in Charlotte and Gastonia, is a great way to learn techniques of Latin dances and the many Latin steps. The Cha Cha is fun to dance, and also fun to watch, and is a popular dance in the Charlotte area.


Salsa, or La Salsa is a also a very popular dance in Charlotte. There are several clubs that offer Salsa nights. Salsa is a great workout and has a combination of various dance moves.

If you are interested in learning more about Latin dances, or taking Latin dance classes, you can visit or contact J’Adore Ballroom in Charlotte for details.


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