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Schedule Dance Lessons for Your First Wedding Dance

If you are getting married, you understand that the whole ceremony won’t be complete without performing that first wedding dance. So, it has to be perfect; it has to be well choreographed; and ultimately memorable, worthy to be caught on tape.

Choosing the Music for Your Wedding Dance

The very first thing to remember when preparing for your first wedding dance is to pick the best song that translates how you are feeling. If you have a special song in mind, then that’s perfect, the only thing that you’re missing is the choreography. Fret no more… Our Charlotte and Gastonia dance instructors here at J’Adore Ballroom can help in your wedding dance preparation. Give us a call to schedule your dance lessons right away.

Just how important is the first wedding dance?

Like your wedding vows, your first wedding dance can show how intimate you and your husband is as a couple. Remember this is a special event that will only happen once in your lifetime, and just a few weeks of dance lessons can make the event more memorable.

It’s also popular to have a father / daughter wedding dance. Schedule separate couple dance lessons with dad to make this dance memorable too.

What is the best type of dance for your wedding?

The type of wedding dance that you’ll perform during your wedding is dependent on the time you have, and song choice you make as a couple. The most common choice amongst newlyweds is waltz, salsa, swing and foxtrot. Some of these dances require more time of practice compared to the other ones but a little sacrifice will definitely enhance your dancing skills and make your first wedding dance more memorable for many years.

If you have already decided to have dance lessons for your upcoming wedding, contact us here at J’Adore Ballroom right away and schedule your dance lessons with the best wedding dance choreographers in the east coast. Best Wishes!


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