Dancing burns calories – Dance to lose weight!

Dancing is a great way to lose weight, in fact dancing has always been the secret of some celebrities in maintaining their curves. If you have been thinking of taking dance lessons in Charlotte, NC to lose weight, J’Adore Ballroom is the perfect place for you. If you love doing fun activities and losing weight at the same time, ballroom dancing is the right activity for you. In recent studies, a person weighing an average of 150 pounds can burn 375.58 calories for every hour spent ballroom dancing. Imagine if you dance daily, you’ll definitely get in shape in no time.

Not only does ballroom dancing help you lose weight there are other health benefits. Dancing can help you become more flexible, makes your muscles stronger, therefore building your physical strength. As you perspire when dancing your body also gets the chance to get rid of accumulated toxins in your body. Do not forget to stay hydrated though!

Sense of Well Being – not just dance to lose weight!

Dancing is a social activity, which can greatly improve a person’s sense of wellbeing and increase self-esteem. Social ties are also enforced and developed through dancing. Feelings can also be conveyed through dancing, in fact in 1940’s Marian Chace helped traumatized persons in expressing their feelings through group dance. Through dancing Chace believed that emotional connection are greatly developed. Today, dancing is even used to treat depression and eating disorders.

Mental Acuity improved with dance

Recently, New England Journal of Medicine has published a 21 year old study regarding the benefits of dancing in a person’s mental acuity. According to the study, frequent dancing increases a person’s mental acuity by 71%. This is greatly beneficial to senior citizens in their 60’s to 80’s. It is also determined with solid scientific evidences that social dancing reduces the risk of early dementia.

Join us for dance lessons at J’Adore Ballroom in Charlotte

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